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Blockchain Technology is moving beyond the hype and literally knocking on every industry to enable disruption.

2019 is poised to be the year when Blockchain gains early adoption from leading conglomerates & incumbents.

The revolutionary potential of bitcoin’s underlying technology is the sexiest topic in markets around the globe.

Just put up a simple search on Google Trends and you can witness the spark in interest with this technology in recent times.

According to the industry expercts, the number one issue facing the blockchain industry today is a lack of talent, a declaration backed up by statements from the firm’s peers.

“An experienced blockchain developer can command $220,000 a year”, said Jered Kenna, an entrepreneur.

“And the demand is quickly increasing. Sometimes they get five job offers a day.” Kenna added.

Globally, 7,000 to 8,000 people can develop for the blockchain with various levels of proficiency.

“Their ranks could grow to 100,000 in 18 to 24 months if more industries move from testing to deployment”, said William Mougayar, an investor.

To help you get started early in the emerging field, we’ve compiled an ultimate guide to Best Online Blockchain Course and MOOCs.

If you plan to go ahead and dive into it, make a schedule. Don’t do it all in a day.

Remember, the motive is not to just gobble whatever’s being thrown at you, but to understand how such a pioneering technology can drive value-based innovation. You certainly need to invest time and discipline.

Before starting the blockchain you must get all the fundamentals knowledge of blockchain and the priancles of working the blockchain.

Basics Free Step by Step Course on Blockchain

This is one of the my favorite as it teaches you the inner working of cryptographic system and how to use it in a real world applications.

The couse begins with the most simple way of explanation as how two people who have shared a secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems.

The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key. Throughout the course participants will be exposed to many exciting open problems in the field and work on fun (optional) programming projects. At the end you will have a skill of CryptographyCryptographic AttacksPublic-Key CryptographySymmetric-Key Algorithm.

In this course you will be learning  synthesize your own blockchain solutions also gain an in-depth understanding of the specific mechanics of Bitcoin. Understand Bitcoin’s real-life applications and learn how to attack and destroy Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts and Dapps, and alternatives to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. In this couse they will also teach Enterprise-level blockchain implementations and understand the scaling struggles of blockchain and potential solutions. The regulation of cryptocurrencies and its implications for anonymity, and what blockchain means for the future.

In this course you will learn basic properties and intent of centralized anddecentralized currency and an in-depth understanding of Bitcoin from the ground up, including – Identity, Transactions, Record Keeping, and Consensus.

The roots of Bitcoin in the Cypherpunk movement and Libertarian ideals, and the revolutionary significance of Bitcoin as opposed to some of its early predecessors.

Also you will be learning the properties behind the second largest blockchain platform, Ethereum, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the idea of Turing completeness, the key protocol differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the use cases of Ethereum.

This couse is more than enough for learning the fundamentals of blockchain and the current status of blockchain technology, potential applications in Financial Services, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy, and IoT, and next steps regarding its deployment in your organization are discussed.

Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

After taking this course, you will gain access to our Bitcoin/Blockchain community. This network consists of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, experts and investors interested in this technology. Whether you want to get a job in this industry or start your own mining system, this community can provide you with all the knowledge and resources you need.

Advance Courses on Blockchain

Learn how to bulid your first blockchain

Learn key Blockchain concepts, intuition and practical training to get you quickly up to speed with all things Crypto and Blockchain related. Covering:

  • Module 1: How to build a Blockchain – we’ll start at the very beginning
  • Module 2: How to create a Cryptocurrency – the next step of your journey
  • Module 3: How to create a Smart Contract – Let’s cross the finish line

Build Blockchain and Cryptocurrency from scratch

Code your own Cryprocurrency on Ethereum from Udemy

Blockchain for business-Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technology from Coursera

This couse is well designed for non technical background gys and busness men too. In this course you will learn business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.  You will gain knowledge of current Hyperledger projects and cross industry uses cases. Also, you will learn to contribute to the open sourse hyperledger projects.